New head loupe for hands free magnification

Includes 5 lenses: 1x; 1.5x; 2x; 2.5x and 3.5x

This new head loupe model has built forth on our previous models with a couple of modifications:

a. a removable LED light box: removing it makes the unit lighter to work with and attached it provides an excellent spot light for tricky applications such as splinter removal

b. the lenses are sturdier, making it easier to insert and remove them.

c. Combining 2 lenses at a time can yield magnification up to 6x

d. The head strap has improved significantly and the mechanisms have better grip making for finicky-free adjustment.

Date: 16/11/2018


FAQ: Hydrotac lenses

Do the lenses have lines?

No. The lens is a clear bi-focal lens. These are NOT fresnel lenses (those have lines)

Who should use the lenses?

Anyone who needs a reading add in a relatively inexpensive way.
Divers and Pilots will also find them helpful in reading instruments. Truck drivers can use them inside their sunglasses

Can the lenses be re-used?

Sure - that's the idea! Peel them off by lifting the edge and re-attach to the new surface.

How long do they last?

It depends on how well you look after them. If you leave them in your car (high temperatures and extreme UV exposure) the lenses may turn yellow.
Remember to rinse off chlorine and salt water after swimming

I want to dive with them - what type of glue may I use to stick them onto my mask?

Don't stick them on with anything besides water! It will distort the lens and it won't be as effective. Attach the lens when the goggle is dry and clean and apply anti-fog with care (it shouldn't come between the glass lens and the stick-on lens)

What's the best way to attach the lenses?

Clean both surfaces - and then clean them again! Wet the lenses in hot water (not boiling) to make the slightly pliable and smooth them into the desired position.
Remove any air bubbles and ensure correct position. Put the frame aside and wait about 30 to 60 minutes. This makes sure that the lens dries in place - ideally on a flat surface to make sure the lens doesn't slide out of position

Can I cut the lenses to fit exactly?

If you need to cut them, you can do so with a good pair of scissors and a steady hand. This does reduce the adherence surface so be weary of high base curve / wrap-around frames

Where, how and on what surface can I use these lenses?

They can be fitted on any frame i.e. ordinary prescription frames, swimming goggles, sunglasses and diving masks


Variety pack: Spec cord huggers

Set of 6 different colours

Spec huggers are designed to keep spectacles snugly against the head. Useful for securing the spectacles during sporting activities. The set contains 6 different colours: Pink, Orange, Clear, Black, Green and Blue.
Product Code: 11/2009

Date: 17/07/2018